Songs of Asia Minor

Songs of Asia Minor with The Gouventas Collective Saturday 10th June 2023 @ The Jamboree Book Now Asia Minor music reflects the synthesis of the western tradition of polyphony with the eastern tradition of modes and microtones. During the great population movement in the Balkans in the early 20th century, outstanding musicians from Constantinople, Smyrna… Continue reading Songs of Asia Minor

Rebetika, with Alekos Tsolakis and Akis Pitsanis

Rebetika with Alekos Tsolakis and Gavrilos Kokonas Wednesday 7th June 2023 @ Green Note Book Now A set of classic and lesser known songs representing different stages and eras of the genre, performed by two of the most passionate advocates of rebetiko music on the scene today. Musicians Alekos Tsolakis, voice/bouzouki Gavrilos Kokonas, voice/guitar Alekos… Continue reading Rebetika, with Alekos Tsolakis and Akis Pitsanis

Songs of Piraeus

Songs of Piraeus with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians Saturday 3rd June 2023 @ Jamboree Book Now From the old days to the present, Piraeus has been a hub for many people; a trading hub, a cultural hub and most importantly a passage for the people! A passage for a better life, hopes and dreams. In this… Continue reading Songs of Piraeus

Celebrating Vamvakaris

Celebrating Vamvakaris with the Rebetiko Carnival Musicians Saturday 24th June 2023 @ The Hellenic Centre Book Now Born on the island of Syros in 1905, from the humblest of roots, Markos Vamvakaris became revered as the Patriarch of Rebetiko music. His unique simple way of playing the bouzouki and his deep, earthy, “metallic” voice became… Continue reading Celebrating Vamvakaris

Rebetiko Lounge Jam Sessions

Rebetiko Lounge Jam Sessions Join us at our relaxed Rebetiko Lounge sessions for an opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and talk and play all things rebetiko and wherever else the mood takes us. No mics, no stage…just lounge about with whatever instrument you bring (all instruments are welcome), or perhaps… Continue reading Rebetiko Lounge Jam Sessions