Songs of Asia Minor

with The Gouventas Collective

Saturday 10th June 2023 @ The Jamboree

Asia Minor music reflects the synthesis of the western tradition of polyphony with the eastern tradition of modes and microtones. During the great population movement in the Balkans in the early 20th century, outstanding musicians from Constantinople, Smyrna and the west coast of Asia Minor settled on the Greek islands and ports. They integrated into the local music scenes and gave shape to a new musical genre identified as “Asia Minor Song”, “Santurovioli” or “Early Rebetika”.


Kyriakos Gouventas, violin

Ioanna Riga, santur

Pavlos Melas, voice/guitar

Spiros Bolovinis, voice/bouzouki

Today, there are only a few grand masters in the genre. Kyriakos Gouventas is considered the leading-figure worldwide. In his extraordinary career he has given hundreds of performances from China to America and from Africa to Australia, collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists and orchestras. Kyriakos, the “Genius of the violin” has created a musical scene of his own and a great following around his work. In this concert, he will be joined by guitarist-producer Pavlos Melas, the santur prodigy Ioanna Riga and London-based rebetiko specialist, Spiros Bolovinis.

Event Details
Doors open: 19:00
Music starts: 20:00
Music finishes: 22:30

Please note, the price at the door is £18 (General Admission), £13 (Students and under 18s). Only card payments are accepted.

Kyriakos Gouventas Collective:

Spiros Bolovinis (in this clip with Plastikes Karekles):

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