Xenitia: Songs from foreign lands

Wednesday 17th April 2024 @ The Green Note

People have been leaving their homes for foreign lands over the centuries escaping war, economic crises, searching for new opportunities in the hopes of starting a fresh. This brought with it loss and nostalgia for what and who was left behind. These songs touch on the pain and loneliness of being in a new place alone missing loved ones and yearning for the feeling of belonging and familiarity of their homeland. A lot of us have been through similar journeys in our lives and are living away from “home”. As we settle and rebuild we create a new home filled with hope for a new future. Join us on at the Green Note as we share the stories of the rebetes who faced these challenges before us.


Gavrilos Kokonas: Guitar, voice
Katerina Clambaneva: Voice
Pavlos Carvalho: Bouzouki, voice

Gavrilos Kokonas 

We welcome our very special friend from Greece. Gavrilos was at the heart of our Rebetiko Carnival festival last June, both performing and supporting with his dynamic and uplifting energy. Here are a few words about him, for those of you that may not know who he is.

Born on Thassos, Gavrilos Kokonas grew up surrounded by rebetika and songs from Asia Minor, and embarked on his musical journey aged fifteen, drawing on his family’s heritage. While working as a teacher in Alexandroupolis, he joined the troupe of the venerated Chronis Aido  in nidis in 1989, as a laouto, oud and saz player, and performed with him until 2005; in the following years he also released his own albums, composed music for the theatre, and performed with a number of celebrated musicians in Greece and around the world. He and his beloved Syrmatenia live (and fish!) on the island of Thassos.

Event Details

Doors open: 19:30

Music starts: 20:00

Music finishes: 22:00

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