Our song is yours (?)

Thursday 6th June 2024 @ The Cypriot Community Centre


Could we imagine that the songs we have been singing for years, celebrating, and dancing to, and which have eventually become features of our collective identities, are songs that played the exact same roles elsewhere on the planet? Studying the historical discography over the last five years, that is, music recorded on cylinders and records in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we understand that not only are the circulation, interactions, and appropriations of this type not just isolated and transient phenomena, but on the contrary,

they are the norm. Indeed, the joint research developed with the Kounadis Archive Virtual Museum in Greece and Leonard Kounadis, resulted in the creation of a virtual room dedicated to “Cosmopolitanism in Greek Historical Discography”. In my lecture, I will present an illustrative case from this collected material, which is considered one of the most emblematic and timelessly favourite songs from the Greek rebetiko repertoire.

Nikos Ordoulidis, is a Greek musicologist, musician, and composer. His research encompasses repertoires that have been ignored in the past, across Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and North Africa. His interests revolve around musical syncretism, examining the social contexts that shaped the music he studies, and emphasising on cultural transfer, border crossing and cosmopolitanism. He has been

publishing extensively in English, Greek, and Turkish, exploring topics such as music’s relationship to power and ideologies, historical discography, music performance and interactions amongst repertoires. His latest monograph is titled Musical Nationalism, Despotism and Scholarly Interventions in Greek Popular Music, published by Bloomsbury Academic.

Event Details

Doors open: 18:45

Start: 19:00

Finish: 22:00

Language: English

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