Lonely Man Project

Monday 10th June 2024 @ The Green Note

Akis Pitsanis, a multi-instrumentalist, will present a solo project where he combines and experiments with sounds from both western and eastern cultures.

The electric guitar comprises the instrumental foundation of this project, with folk instruments such as ney, bouzouki, and Cretan lyra being compliment to the described foundation. The Lonely Man Project repertoire consists of both original compositions and adapted folk songs or musical themes of the Greek culture. Improvisation will play a fundamental role in this performance.


Akis Pitsanis

Akis Pitsanis was born in Northwest Greece, Kastoria. At the early age of 7 he had the first contact with music experience. During the teenage years he created his own rock/metal bands playing the drums and later the guitar. The band named “TELMA” recorded one album with the synonym title. He studied luthiery in Kastoria and musicology in the university of Arta (department of popular and traditional music). He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer of rebetiko/traditional music since 2003. He teaches vocal technique, violin and guitar. He has also been a teacher of Cretan lyra in the music highschool in Chania-Crete during the year 2020-2021. He has collaborated on several albums of important artists in Greek discography.

Event Details

Doors open: 19:30

Music starts: 20:00

Music finishes: 22:00

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