Rebet Asker Greek Roots Series: Rural Folk Anthology

Sunday 11th February 2024 @ Green Note


‘Rebétiko’ music is often considered a unique genre on its own, and ‘paradosiaká’ refer to traditional Greek folk music. However, both genres share similar expressive elements. They utilise related musical scales, modality, and even the same lyrics or musical themes in many cases. Macroscopically, the main difference is that ‘Rebétiko’ developed in urban centres, whereas ‘paradosiaká’ developed in rural areas. One could describe them as two sides of the same coin.

Culturally, urban folk music was often prohibited and refers to lawless aspects of urban life. It was mainly performed in ‘tekédes’, alcohol and shisha shops, where outcasts would attend. Rural folk music on the other hand focuses on describing natural elements, life, death, and love. It’s authorless and enjoyed either in solitude or in intimate and grand festivities.


Glykeria Kissa: Voice
Ismini Mouzakiti: Voice, violin
Nikolaos Palamidas: Voice, oud
Vasileios Voulgaropoulos: Voice, guitar

Event Details

Doors open: 13:45

Music starts: 14:15

Music finishes: 16:30

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More Upcoming events
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