Rebet Asker Greek Roots Series: Cigdem Aslan Trio

Sunday 10th December 2023 @ Green Note

Cigdem Aslan, known for her captivating voice and profound connection to the Cafe Aman tradition, has garnered critical acclaim for her solo albums, enchanting audiences worldwide. Her ability to transport listeners through time and space, delving into the rich tapestry of musical history, is truly remarkable.

George Tsolakis, a versatile musician, was recently featured on the soundtrack of a Turkish series called Club on Netflix. His voice, imbued with emotion and authenticity, adds depth to the performance. George Angelopoulos’s mastery of both the bouzouki and lavta is nothing short of remarkable. His versatility and skilful handling of these instruments effortlessly transport listeners through diverse musical landscapes.

The repertoire for the afternoon will span across Greek and Turkish songs, including rebetiko and smyrneiko classics, as well as tunes from various eras. This diverse selection reflects the musical journey on both sides of the Aegean, deeply influenced by historical and social events.


Cigdem Aslan: Voice
George Tsolakis: Voice, guitar
George Angelopoulos: Bouzouki, lavta
Pavlos Carvalho: Double bass

Event Details

Doors open: 13:45

Music starts: 14:15

Music finishes: 16:30

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More Upcoming events
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