The Art of the Taximi

Understanding improvisation and modal scales, with Alekos Tsolakis, bouzouki

Thursday 8th June 2023 @ The Cypriot Community Centre

We will first introduce the tetrachords and pentachords (groups of notes) which are included within the basic folk scales. As the workshop progresses we will focus on ways of combining them to create various musical contexts and atmosphere. This will effectively be an improvisation game wandering through various paths.    

The workshop will be taught from the bouzouki, but all instruments are welcome. The skill of performing à taximi is relevant to all instruments across this genre.

Alekos Tsolakis:  A 3-string bouzouki player,  Alekos is among the most notable representatives of the rebetiko and urban folk in Greece. Based in Thessaloniki, he lives and breathes music and is well-known for his passion, spontaneity, creativity and imagination. He has performed with many of the great rebetiko performers, including a regular partnership with the late Agathonas.

Workshop Details

Arrival time: 18:45

Start: 19:00

Finish: 22:00

Learning level: open to all levels

Language: Greek & English

Please note, the price at the door is £25. Only card payments are accepted.

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