Greek Serenade

with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians

Friday 23th June 2023 @ Holy Trinity Church

An evening of songs exploring soulful Greek urban folk music… Rebetiko. Absorbing influences from not only different parts of Greece, but different corners of the world, including the spices of tango and swing, regetiko nevertheless remains uniquely Greek. Coloured by the sounds of accordion, bouzouki, guitar, baglama and voice, the evening will be filled with music to sing and dance to, should the mood take you. An evening for all the family, join us as we transform the beautiful ambience of Holy Trinity Church, in Cuckfield, to the atmosphere of an intimate little Greek music joint in Piraeus.

Tonight’s concert is brought to you by the Cuckfield Festival in collaboration with the Rebetiko Carnival festival.  This is a one month festival dedicated to the music of Asia Minor and Greece which is taking place in June 2023 throughout the UK and consists of concerts, education and musical outreach work

Most of the musicians performing this evening are based in the UK. However, we are very happy to welcome into our group, Dimitris Koustas (accordion/voice) who is visiting from Greece especially to perform with us during the festival.


Andria Antoniou, voice, percussion

Pavlos Carvalho, voice/bouzouki

Maria Tsirodimitri, voice/guitar

George Angelopoulos, bouzouki/baglama

Dimitris Koustas, accordion

The Rebetiko Carnival musicians are a group brought together by the Rebetiko Carnival festival, representing some of the UK’s most loved Greek bands. For this evening’s performance, they are formed from musicians of Plastikes Karekles, Amalgama and the Icons of Greek Music project. Between them they have performed at festivals in Greece, France, Italy, Scotland, Wales and Qatar. In the UK they have performed at Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, St David’s Hall as part of the Proms, as well as more intimate venues such as the Green Note, Vortex and the Forge, London. They have also performed at Kings Place, London, both as part of the Rebetiko Carnival festival and Equator: Women of the World festival, as well as at the Sidmouth Folk festival.

Event Details
Doors open: 18:30
Music starts: 19:00
Music finishes: 21:30

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