Rebetiko New Year Celebration!

Saturday 14th January, 2023

Rebetiko Carnival mini fundraiser with
"The not quite so Big, RC Big Band”

Dear Friends!


We welcome you into the New Year with a very special concert featuring a big family of musicians and some traditional Greek New Year cake…Vassilopita! In June 2023 we are putting on our beloved RebetikoCarnival festival, throughout the UK. This will feature both UK based groups and special invited guests from Greece.


We will tell you more of the exciting plans and who will be coming in June when we see you. Along the way and in the lead up to the festival we will also be putting on outreach projects, education projects and all sorts of other community based events for all the family and for all nationalities. Today is our first event to start raising some funds so that we can make all this happen.


Wonderful friends and musicians from different groups based in London will come together to celebrate not only the new year, but also the musical community, the gorgeous songs and the friendship that bonds us all together throughout these years and some difficult times. We will be performing popular rebetiko classics so that the audience can join in the songs as much as possible and it is a really interactive and inclusive sharing of music. If you don’t know the words or are new to this and don’t speak a word of Greek…great…just sing along to La La La”, as we do when we forget the lyrics. 

With: Maria Tsirodimitri, Katerina Clambaneva, Mihailis Spyridakis, George Tsolakis, Andria Antoniou, Manolis Taouxis, George Angelopoulos, Pavlos Carvalho, Miltos Boumis, Sotiris Georgiou, Konstantinos Glynos, Nikos Kotsoglou, Utkan Cagri Kocak, Simon Mercouris, Theodoulos Charalambous

More Upcoming Events

January 28th | Voices of Greece: Theodorakis

Greek rhythms from the composer that brought us Zorba the Greek. Performed by 6 piece band, Plastikes Karekles

Coming Soon

More Upcoming events
to be announced soon

Coming Soon

More Upcoming events
to be announced soon

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