Overview 2018

Tickets will be available to buy online from mid December, 2017.

The festival this year will take place from February 3rd 2018 to July 1st, 2018. Due to the popularity of events, but the difficulty people were having to attend more of them due to so many being squeezed into one month in 2016, we have decided to spread the events over 5 months instead of 5 weeks. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to attend more events, seminars and worshops should they wish to. Also the festival was offered some wonderful venues for performances outside London but not only in June. To have fewer restrictions as to where we could take the festival we decided that it was worth trying out the 5 month period so that we could take the festival to more cities around the UK.



Sat. 3rd Feb. Tribute to Markos Vamvakaris, The Vortex, London. The Rebetiko Carnival Big Band.
Sund. 4th Feb. Tribute to Yianni Papaioannou, The Vortex, London.
The Rebetiko Carnival Big Ban

Wed. 21st. programme tbc, Green Note, London
Sat. 3rd March. Mario Papadeas (Santur) coming from Greece, with Pavlos Melas, (guitar )and Dunja Botic (vocals), London The Green Note
Sund. 4 March, Tribute to Vamvakaris, The Folk House, Bristol, RC Big Band
Wed. 21st March, Tribute to Toundas, London, The Green Note, The Near East Collective

Wed. 18th April, Cigdem Aslan, The Green Note, London

Sat. 28th April, Rebetiko Today with Pliri Ntaksi, coming from Greece, London, The Vortex
Sat. 5th May, Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Xarhakos, The Story House, Chester, Plastikes Karekles

Wed. 9th May, programme tbc, The Green Note, London

Sat. 26th May, Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Xarhakos, London, King’s Place. Plastikes Karekles and RC CHOIR!
Tues. 29th May, Tribute to Theodorakis, Komedia, Brighton, Plastikes Karekles
Fri. 8th June, Gouventas (violin), Solon Lekkas (vocals) Vaggelis Pashalidis (santur), Marina Deligianni, (vocals), Pavlos Carvalho, (cello)

Sat. 9th June, Gouventas (violin), Solon Lekkas (vocals) Vaggelis Pashalidis (santur), Dunja Botic, (vocals), Pavlos Carvalho, (bouzouki)

Wed. 13th June, programme tbc, The Green Note, London

Sun. 24th June, Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Xarhakos + Rebetika Classics. Concordia concert Hall, Shrewsbury. Plastikes Karekles
Sat 30th June OR Sun 1st July (tbc). FINAL CONCERT. Programme tbc


“Rebetiko Cafe” is a monthly Sunday afternoon series of acoustic gigs at Music and Beans on Green Lanes. This will be a FREE event where people can just walk in, eat, drink and listen to some live Rebetiko Music. Bands performing include Peran, Amalgama, Duo Triaska and Megla.


Finally, for all you music lovers, look out for the monthly Sunday jam sessions leading to a concert at the end of the festival for all involved. This is specially for amateurs or students of all ages, but basically anyone is welcome. No previous knowledge of Rebetiko is necessary!

This is just a taster of what is to come. Please do keep a look out as we post/email any news about the festival.


There will be a series of interactive workshops and seminars. These will be open to anyone and will give you the opportunity to work closely with the specialist musicians coming from Greece.


We will be displaying instruments brought over from Greece especially for the festival.  Christos Spourdalakis is one of the greatest luthiers in working in Greece to day and it is our privilege to have him as part of our festival.


This will be an event aimed at young families. In the past we have had Shadow puppet Theatre. This year it is yet to be decided but we will have more info as soon as possible.