Rebetiko Cafe Sundays

Rebetiko Cafe Sundays are a tribute to the old, simple way of doing things. Come and enjoy a coffee or some food at the intimate Music and Beans on Green Lanes, with a small group of musicians playing acoustic rebetika. One Sunday a month will see a different group playing between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. FREE ENTRY!

Venue: Music and Beans 461 Green Lanes, London, N4 1HE
Phone: 020 8352 2087


Sun. 11th Feb, 1.30pm. MANOLIS TAOUXIS AND FRIENDS, Songs of Peiraias

Manolis Taouxis (3 strings bouzouki) was born and raised in Drapetsona (Pireaus) . His first contact with Rebetiko music was from a very young age as this music was played and sung at every family gathering. As well as being a bouzouki player with groups such as Plastikes Karekles, he has worked in the workshop of luthier Christos Spourdalakis and has a deep knowledge of not only the music but the construction and history of the instruments. Manolis moved in to UK in 2013 when he became one of the founding members of the Rebetiko Carnival, being responsible not only for connecting the UK with musicians from Greece, but also for setting up exhibitions of instruments here in the UK.


Sun. 18th March, 1.30pm. MEGLA, Pre War Rebetika

Megla is a group of three Cyprus-born and raised musicians, now living in London with a passion for Greece’s interwar period music, the infamous Rebetiko.


Sun. 15th April, 1.30pm. AMALGAMA, Post 1945 Rebetika

Formed in 2016 in London, Amalgama consists of 3 musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who share the same love for Greek music. The band’s influences range from traditional folk songs originated from various parts of Greece to more modern compositions which bear the ‘signature’ of significant artists.

Although today is dedicated to Rebetiko, Amalgama perform songs written by Thanasis Papakwnstantinou, Sokratis Malamas, Nikos Papazoglou, Pantelis Thalassinos, Xristos Nikolopoulos, Vaggelis Korakakis, Vasilis Tsitsanis (to name a few) as well as dance by the traditional songs of the Greek islands, Smyrna, Thrace, Macedonia and more.

Georgios Angelopoulos: bouzouki, vocals, Konstantinos Rafeletos: lute, baglama, vocals
George Tsolakis: acoustic guitar, vocals


Sun. 20th May, 1.30pm. Hadjichristos to Chiotis

Iraklis Theocharopoulos – Thomas Kanonis – Dimitris Kokkinogenis

Three musicians one based in Athens, one in Zurich, and the other in London meet at Music and Beans to give you an afternoon of acoustic rebetika classics. First performance in London!

Sun. 24th June, 1.30pm. PERAN, Hidden gems of Rebetiko

Peran is a vibrant London based Greek music band with members coming from different musical backgrounds.

Their repertoire varies from the smyrnieko period to enthno but is mainly focused on the late rebetiko and the early post war laiko (1938-41 and 1946-1960) with the purpose of rediscovering and performing in a unique way the forgotten gems of Mitsakis, Hiotis, Mparousis, Tsitsanis,Peristeris, Tzaounakos and many others.

Utkan Kocak – Bouzouki, George Stamatis – Guitar, Vocal, Nikos Kotsoglou – Bouzouki